Listening from the body

Rather than only thinking of sound as it relates to yoga and the rich study of Nada Yoga, let us begin by looking at the story from another perspective. To be able to resonate or feel as if you can recognize resonance is an embodied experience. It can be said that yoga is an ideal practice to experience sound and music, and to induce creative reflection and healing in a guided and pinpointed way, within the body. To resonate is also a cultural experience, in that we all grow up to sounds and music and sensations that get embedded in our memories of home and beyond. But through the lens of culture, it also becomes all the more apparent how music reaches out to move people across cultural lines. Music has no barriers, other than the listenerís capacity to listen through the body. We have all experienced tones and rhythms that belong to cultural practices other than our own, which somehow bring tears to our eyes. Or yet we have experienced tones and songs that somehow open and create the opportunity to hold compassion for ourselves and others. It is a transmission that goes far beyond literally understanding the lyrics of a song. Rather, this wisdom emerges out of the process of letting the body follow the resonance.

If music is to be experienced by the whole body, as profoundly stated by the musician Evelyn Glennie (see her lecture on ), then music can also be an experience that heals the body and the mind. Music offers the unique capacity to discover the mind in the body, of the conscious and unconscious mind as embodied and felt. Chakras or energetic epicenters in the body are spaces where our minds become visible, audible, in-formable and expressible. These are the sites where each of us vividly experience our states of mind and being, whether healthy or on an edge. So calming the mind and healing the body correlate to balancing and tuning these very epicenters. This process is enabled via your capacity to listen through your whole body, to the devotional singing that offers the pulse for Resonance Yoga®.

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