Music in our times

There is certainly uncertainty in living, and that is most apparent in the sounds that resonate through our everyday lives these days. Music then becomes a reflection of this very uncertainty, whether to express or appease its fire. Devotional music aims to mythologize, eulogize and relate a moving story about the fire that perhaps is in each of us. In doing so, it creates the sky for a bigger picture and horizon to emerge, where healing can surface and cultures can co-exist.

A ritual is a powerful act that most of the time surprisingly goes unnoticed. What really needs to be noticed and resourced in a ritual comes in a language that is rhythmic, tonal, symbolic, and vividly involving the body, some of which become overwhelming to embrace as such, or yet just begins to invisibly exist as a part of our everyday lives. To pause and witness becomes a giant step, therefore. And ritual enables the ground for your imprint to emerge, therewith. Ritual is just like discovering a new sketch board for recollecting and narrating the story of your life, as both shared and distinct. That is the reflection that Resonance Yoga® ritual celebrations offer each participant - a memoir that can be resourced with a refreshingly new set of tools and techniques.

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