Mukund Subramanian is of Tamil origin and was born into a family that was dedicated to Carnatic music for generations. In his years of learning to sing in this tradition, his grandmother, the late Savitri Rajan (a Veena maestro of the Dhanammal tradition) always reminded him of the very essence that marks the earth or foundation, and the sky or pinnacle of this music tradition, as it manifests from within the body. She would say, the ability to fully come into and embody one’s tone and breath as resonating in unison with the Tambura (the drone) offered the soul for the raga and composition that unfolded. Over the years, this background led Mukund to formulate Resonance Yoga®, a yogic practice which instills mind-body alignment via vocal, tonal, and breathing exercises, with a foundation in visualization and meditation.

Mukund holds a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from Stanford University, where he received an award for his creativity in understanding healing practices involving the mind, body and spirit in northeastern Japan, with a lens emerging from his background in South India. He has also been a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University's Institute for Japanese Studies where he presented this distinct perspective on the working of ritual, collective emotions and memory. Mukund trained with a renowned healer Ōmuro Toyo in Aomori, Japan from 1993 to 1999, in a distinct Garlic Moxibustion(Ninniku Okyū) technique, and has been treating patients since 2004 (see Japanese Moghusa Treatments). He is currently completing a book entitled Embodying Intimacy along borders and across cultures.