A Private Lesson offers you the experience and knowledge of resourcing your voice and intuitive harmony.  It enables you to sensitize and tune your practice of discovering the mind in the body, helping deepen your yoga practice or other mind-body/martial-art practice.

Resonance Yoga ® Workshops:

How To Build a Harmonious Community through Song
Celebrate life, celebrate your voice and find harmony. Use your voice to activate your ability to express and evolve while finding balance in your body as a source of energy. Sound vibrations have a powerful awakening effect. Utilizing our own voices and breath allows us to release blockages held in our body’s energy centers.

In the Workshop, students will enjoy chanting and group involvement that is fun, healing and supportive. We begin with simple relaxing postures and breathing sequences and move into tonal exercises, tuning into ourselves as we learn to gracefully listen and prepare for group singing and chanting. Resonance Yoga ® does not require any developed musical sense or knowledge of yoga postures — sound healing is beneficial for all. 

Recent Classes and Workshops held at:
Moksha Life Center, 405 Sansome St. 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111
Loka Yoga Studio, 2701 MacArthur Blvd. Oakland
For more information email Alice at Loka Yoga Studio

Ongoing Collaboration with Dina Amsterdam

Workshop held at Yoga Tree in San Francisco since 2007

Yoga Journal has featured Dina & Mukund's Healing From Within workshop.
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Healing From Within: Pure Yin and the Sound Vibrations of Devotional Music

Please join Dina Amsterdam and Mukund Subramanian for an exquisite experience of self-healing. The workshop will be guided as a journey through the major energy vortexes of the body (the chakras), with devotional chants that correspond energetically with the chakra you are residing in. Dina will guide you gently into various yin yoga poses and breathing techniques to bring vibrancy and spaciousness to each of these major energy centers. While you relax into your experience, Mukund will sing devotional chants that correspond energetically with the chakra you are residing in.

Past Workshops:
2010: March 7th, May 23rd
2009: Apr. 18, Jun. 7, Aug. 22
2008: March 23, Sept. 7, Nov. 22
2007: July 21, Dec. 16, Dec. 31

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